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Johnson County Christian Academy

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Enrollment Now Open for 2021-22

First Day of School is August 23, 2021 

Enrolling students from Daycare/Pre K-12th Grade

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Pre School

The JCCA Preschool program is biblically integrated in order to develop a foundation in Jesus Christ.  Students will be screened to ensure best placement and to provide teachers with the ability to differentiate curriculum.   Our academically excellent program builds upon the skills learned in preschool and fully prepares students for Kindergarten readiness.


JCCA Elementary School is Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Our school provides a strong core program in Phonics, Reading, Language, Handwriting without Tears program, Spelling, Mathematics, History, Bible and Science. In addition, elementary students are offered Physical Education, Art, Vocal music and Library.

Middle School

JCCA middle school teachers will prepare students to enter High School with a strong Biblical Worldview and academic excellence.  Students will be equipped spiritually, academically, socially, and physically in the classroom.  Our highly qualified, certified teachers are committed to providing a biblically-based education that will challenge students to impact the world for Christ. 

High School

JCCA high school will equip students for success in their adult life and beyond, by teaching Jesus Christ and His will.  Students in high school will receive all credits the state requires and then in addition they will also receive Bible and discipleship credits as well as engage in outreach, and travel on mission trips.  


LIFEPAC is an award winning curriculum that is a leader in Christian education. LIFEPAC is the core curriculum used at JCCA K-12 and is supplemented with other curriculum like ACSI.

The Five Priorities of Life

1. God-We commit to placing God as the center and priority of our lives.

2. Family-We build strong families because strong families honor God.

3. Work- We work hard to provide the best care and support for our families.

4. Church and Charity- We worship regularly and participate in a faith community.

5. Freedom and Liberty- We strive to maintain and respect our freedoms. 

Beles Christian Education Fund

The Beles Christian Education Fund of DuPage Foundation has provided a grant to JCCA for curriculum. Beles believes that God has called people in a way that honors and worships Him. We agree with their mission and appreciate their support and generosity. 


Each lesson incorporates Scripture and is central to what JCCA teaches. JCCA is a Christ centered school and teaches Biblical principles. Our mission is to raise the next generation of Christian leaders.  

JCCA Families

JCCA Families

JCCA FACTS Financial System

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Admission At JCCA

Admissions Requirements

Johnson County Christian Academy serves Christian families by partnering with parents and the church to train children. At least one parent must have made a profession of faith in Christ, agree with our Foundational Documents, and be an active member of a Bible-believing church.

Students enrolling in Kindergarten must be five years of age on or before July 31. Preschool students must be three years of age and fully potty-trained. 

Admissions Process

  1. Johnson County Christian Academy's Online Application for 2020-21 must be completed and submitted.  To apply for the 2020-21 school year, please use the following link: 2021-22 Application.
  2. Once the application is submitted, we will request a pastor reference and records from the student’s former school. 
  3. Kindergarten student testing is scheduled.
  4. Once all records are received and testing is completed, a family interview is scheduled with an administrator.
  5. Following the interview, you will be notified of your student’s admissions status.

Tuition Rates For In Person Learning

Yearly Tuition

                                                                        Tuition and Fee Summary

Birth through Pre-K / 4 Year Old (Enrollment Fee $150)

There is no financial aid or scholarships offered for daycare or preschool students

Full time M-F 7am-6pm
6 weeks – 1 year old $7200 a year or $600 a month
1 year old – 2 years old $6720 a year or $560 a month
3 years old – 4 years old $6240 a year or $520 a month
Pre- Kindergarten 4 years old – 5 years old $6240 a year or $520 a month

K-12th Enrollment Fee – Per Student:  $300.00 – Guarantees a spot in a class. ($400 after May 14) 

Tuition/yearKindergarten1st-6th Grades7th-12th Grades
1st Student$6,011$6,342$6,678
2nd Student$5,710$6,025$6,344
3rd Student$5,109$5,391$5,676
4th Student and Up$3,607$3,805$4,007

*Tuition Discount Plan – Tuition covers only 70% of a JCCA education with the other 30% covered by our School Board Sponsored Fundraisers – typically a Fall Pledge Banquet, a Spring Benefit Auction and summer Fireworks Stands.  The tax-deductible donations raised through these events allow JCCA to keep tuition increases to a minimum. They also provide funds for the income-based assistance program.

To qualify for the Tuition Discount Program, families must agree, in writing, to invest 20 hours per student during the course of the school year in a Board-sponsored fundraising effort. Documentation of hours worked will be monitored by a JCCA School Board member and communicated periodically with participating families.  If a family is unable to fulfill their required hours during the current school year, they will be given the option to complete their hours at the JCCA Fireworks stand over the summer, or to pay the balance of tuition owed to equal the full tuition amount.

Tuition/ yearKindergarten1st-6th Grades7th-12th Grades
1st Student$4,811$5,142$5,478
2nd Student$4,570$4,885$5,204
3rd Student$4,089$4,371$4,656
4th Student and up$2,887$3,085$3,287

Tuition payments MUST be handled through FACTS (a Financial Aid and Tuition Processing Service).  Payments will be made through your FACTS account by check, credit card or ACH on a payment schedule that best suits your needs.  Set up your account at  An annual processing fee applies.

Income-based Financial Assistance Program:  Families whose tuition is more than 10% of annual income, or families who make under $45,000 per year are likely to qualify for financial assistance. (Apply on-line Via FACTs.  The 20 hours/student of volunteer work as outlined above in the Tuition Discount Plan applies to all families receiving Financial Assistance.  



Specials: $150/semester/student/specials class                  $400 for 3 specials class (Art, PE, Music)

Academic $400/semester/student/class

                           To Apply For Financial Assistance Click Here

Other Helpful Tuiton Information

1. All at once

2. Two equal payments

3. 10 monthly payments

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