Academic excellence at Johnson County Christian Academy finds its roots in the very heart of Christianity. Teachers challenge students to think deeply about diverse contemporary and ageless topics. Students investigate the nature of Truth and its application to daily living. They sharpen each other as they study and question ideas, concepts and theories.  An academic program focused on critical thinking and problem-solving skills challenge students to form a strong belief system founded from a biblical perspective and grounded in Christ.


Quality education at JCCA means accepting learners as God created them mentally, spiritually, physically and academically. It means teaching students at their individual level of understanding and providing instruction at a pace at which they can succeed to their highest potential.


A child's formative years are critical when it comes to forming their world-view. JCCA provides an environment that is safe and nurturing combined with an academic program that is comprehensive and challenging. The product of JCCA’s philosophy of education is a student who grows in Christ-like character and becomes a lifetime learner.


Terra Nova3 Test

JCCA students took the Terra Nova3 Achievement Test for the first time in the spring of 2013. The Terra Nova3 allows school officials to determine overall JCCA student progress and performance in comparison to national academic standards. Results of the Terra Nova are reviewed and used by faculty and staff for curriculum planning and selection as well as individual student assessment.


JCCA's 2013 scores reveal that our school performed better than 72% of other school taking the Terra Nova3.


National Percentile ranges rank as:

1-25% - below National Average

26-75% - within National Average

76-99% - above National Average


JCCA's academic performance typically increases for students with each additional year spent in JCCA's academic programs. The typical JCCA student out-performs other same-grade students in national comparisons.  An average JCCA early elementary student performs in the 70-76th percentile* range, middle elementary in the 60-69th percentiles, and upper elementary students in the 44-73rd percentiles. 

Association of Christian Schools International
JCCA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSIis an organization of biblically based Christian schools and colleges. Its mission is to provide leadership, programs, and services in order to bring about excellence in these schools to the glory of God. It is the Association’s desire that “ all things He might have pre-eminence” (Colossians 1:18).
Membership in ACSI has several benefits to JCCA faculty, staff, students and parents.  Some of these include professional resources, faculty and staff development opportunities and professional services.  There are also opportunities to participate in student activities such as the Science Fair, Math Olympics, Art/Music/Speech/Drama Festivals, sports events, and special events such as student mission trips.


For more information visit ACSI.

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