Our Mission


“A Christ-Centered School Yielding Academic Excellence”

JCCA is ordained and called by God to provide an opportunity for Christian families to have their children educated in an environment that supports and reinforces the Biblical truths and values that they teach in their homes. In addition, the love and power of Christ is integrated into the curriculum and modeled by the staff so that each child has the opportunity to recognize and accept the gift of salvation from Jesus our Lord. This atmosphere allows children the freedom to question the common worldview and establish a foundation of truth and faith that will allow them to live in the world without being of the world. Within this Christ-centered atmosphere, JCCA insists upon an academic curriculum that will help each child to meet and exceed educational achievement standards for their grade and age. Spirit-led faculty is the primary means through which the Lord has accomplished this portion of the mission. The fundamentals of mathematics, language, and Bible are emphasized. Specialty classes, field trips, creative assignments, and critical thought all add to the formation of a complete educational experience. JCCA leadership and staff are constantly seeking the ways and means to improve the quality and delivery of the academics so that each child may maximize their academic potential.

Our Core Values

Love is the key to everything and the fulfillment of all law since it is God’s greatest commandment. Modeling the Biblical definition of love for children and instilling it into their hearts will prepare them for success in any avenue of life.

The Spirit-led gift to properly use knowledge is more important than the knowledge itself and is available from God to those who ask Him.

Esteeming others more highly than oneself and having the humility to seek opportunities to serve is one of the most visible reflections of Christ himself.

Practicing “true religion” as described in James requires the development of a heart of compassion for the poor, weak, downtrodden, and unfortunate. Teaching, praying for, and developing this spiritual gift is of great importance.


The Father is no respecter of persons and holds Christians accountable to the same standard. Justice ensures application of God’s truth and love evenly to his creation regardless of race, creed, origin, or even religion. Justice includes the integrity to acknowledge one’s own wrongdoings, adherence to the rule of God given authority, and the strength to stand for Truth when it is opposed. 

Spiritual Objectives


And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52


  1. To develop a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. To learn how to study God’s Word.
  3. To learn how to integrate faith and life by applying Biblical knowledge.
  4. To seek God’s will and obey it.
  5. To learn and practice communication with God through personal prayer and worship.
  6. To relate to other Christians for mutual worship, prayer, instruction, fellowship, and service.
  7. To develop a concern for missions and evangelism.
  8. To learn how to share the Christian faith with others.
  9. To learn a God-centered view of life and its stewardship of time and resources.
  10. To learn how to reason logically and from a Biblical perspective.
  11. To learn to be a good citizen through an understanding and appreciation of our heritage as both Christians and Americans.


Educational Objectives 

  1. To learn to read with understanding, emphasizing phonics and spelling.
  2. To learn to read and appreciate good literature.
  3. To communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  4. To learn mathematical skills and principles.
  5. To develop an appreciation for God’s creation as manifested in the disciplines of science.
  6. To appreciate and understand United States cultural heritage and history.
  7. To learn how people in other countries live and think.
  8. To learn to appreciate various styles of music and understand basic musical concepts as a  foundation for vocal and instrumental application.
  9. To learn to appreciate various artistic styles and understand basic art concepts as a foundation for creativity using a variety of art media.
  10. To be physically fit and develop lifelong good health habits.
  11. To learn sportsmanship and fairness through games and sports.
  12. To develop computer and technical skills.
  13. To learn good study skills.
  14. To learn how to work cooperatively with supervision or independently and in atmospheres where either unity abounds or where diversity is present.
  15. To learn problem-solving skills.
  16. To learn how to think critically and ask meaningful questions.
  17. To learn how to think creatively.
  18. To learn how to find answers to questions.
  19. To develop decision-making skills.
  20. To develop the ability to think through a project before starting it; determine the skills, abilities, methods, and materials needed; and carry through to completion.
  21. To encourage all members of the school community to realize that education is an ongoing  lifelong process.

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