The PTF Board shall consist of four (4) members holding the following offices:

President - The president duties are to recruit and establish volunteers.  Schedule PTF/functions and meetings and preside over those meetings.  Oversee the overall performance of the PTF organization.  The President is responsible for assisting in creating relationships between the families, staff and organization by providing encouragement when needed. (i.e.: act as host/hostess of the school body)

Vice-President - The vice-president shall assume the duties of the president and preside over board meetings in the absence of the president.  The vice-president helps support communication between the PTF organization and acts as liaison between the PTF organization and JCCA faculty and staff.

Secretary - The secretary shall record minutes of all board meetings.  They shall document decisions and discussions taking place at PTF meetings in the form of duly filed, official board minutes and secured in one location, and brought to each meeting of the board for reference. One copy of the minutes shall be submitted to the school office.  He/she shall send printed copies of the minutes to the PTF board members within 5 days after the meeting. The secretary will track the mandatory parent volunteer hours served during the school year.  Presides over the PTF functions when the President and Vice President are not available.  

Treasurer – The treasurer shall be responsible to implement and oversee all financial transactions recorded by the PTF.  They place orders and oversee purchases as the PTF board designates.  The treasurer shall prepare a bi-annual financial report for the school.  The report will cover all PTF income and expense for the year. Presides over the PTF functions when the President, Vice President, and Secretary are not available.


PTF Board Member Qualifications

  • A Christian with a clear testimony.
  • Good knowledge of the Scriptures.
  • Devoted to prayer and seeking the will of God.
  • Committed to a Christian philosophy of education.
  • Good testimony in the community.

PTF Board Member Elections

The process for board member elections is as follows:

Nominations for the PTF Board will be solicited in April.  Ballots will be sent home for vote in April.  New Board members will be installed at the Spring Program in May.


Board Member Terms

The board members shall be elected for two (2) year terms.


Board Meetings

The PTF Board of Directors is expected to attend PTF Board meetings.  They are also expected to be purposeful in attending and supporting school events and functions.


Board Action by Quorum

A quorum, the minimum number of members required for a vote to occur, shall be a simple majority of the voting membership of the board.


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